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10 Killer Tips on How To Layer Your Jewelry

Out of several street styles, there is one thing that fashionistas of our age don’t seem to let go, and that is, layered jewelry pieces around your neck, wrists and even ears. As a matter of fact, the biggest thing that I like about the ‘layered jewelry’ is: it’s one of the most effortless ways to make your (simple) outfit look fashion-forward! And oh, if you remember Jennifer Lawrence feminist campaign for Dior, you will know how you can pull it off! Whether you feel inspired by those Uber chic ladies from your favorite magazine, or follow those Insta feeds of fashion runways, let’s embrace the trend which says, ‘the more combos you have; the better it is’! A popular...

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Runway Report: Best Earrings and Necklaces Spotted on Four Runways from Fashion Weeks Spring/Summer 2019

Started this September with the New York Fashion Week, this season is in its full swing showcasing the colorful jewelry pieces, playful silhouettes, and shoulder-skimming earrings. This week in Paris, a hub of fashion and glamour, the fashion month is going to end with huge applause and appreciation from all around the world. Witnessing all the four fashion week cities this month, it is rightly called that ‘there was a feast for eyes and earrings.’ From oversized dangles, ubiquitous hoops, vintage enamel florals, artistic pieces, fringes to tubular and shells, stole the show. If Peter Pilotto, Emporio Armani and Mugler chose to play with the neon and metals on dangles and drops, Versace and D&G revitalized the forgotten enamel art....

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10 Cheap (But Chic) 18k Gold Plated Bracelets under $40

A few months ago, I bought a bracelet from a chain store. I was looking for 18k gold plated bracelet with a not-so-high price tag. I got one in $65 which seemed appropriate as per its design and making. It looked like a good quality bracelet to me which I intended to wear on several occasions matching my other outfits. I was happy with the purchase! But to my surprise, it broke after three wearing only. It was not the end of the world, but what concerned me the most was I overpaid for a low-quality bracelet, literally! I always seek to buy affordable jewelry, and its longevity remains my biggest concern. Especially, when you look for a jewelry piece...

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Letter Necklaces: A Come Back Street Style from 90s Ruled Fashion Week

Yes, you heard it right, Phoebe Philo is leaving Celine giving us a widely loved personalized necklace trend; letter necklaces. Ok, we also know that this fall is not the first time that we are seeing these charm necklaces, but Celine, French fashion house, coming up with oversized letter necklaces has truly marked the trend popular and worth following- at least Philo last jewelry designs that we can cherish! These initials have adorned many of the A-lister Hollywood celebrities, fashionistas and it girls from the last many decades in different shapes, colors, and sizes. To quote comparatively recent 80s and 90s decade silver initials with black lace were the real fun thing to wear. Although, today we don’t have the...

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Runway Report: Best Jewelry Trends Dominated NYFW Fall/Winter 2018 to 2019

The much awaited New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018-2019 has just ended with grandeur and applause. The whole week kept us on the edges of our seats- making us anxiously look for the new trends that we couldn’t wait to see around us! The NYFW remained the focal point of fashionistas, photographers, and bloggers from all around the world and that for the many legit reasons. The fashion week was widely dominated by dresses enhanced by playful hues, unique silhouettes, funky and oversized jewelry pieces- the theme was fairly called ‘the street style’ look. This week was fairly a good opportunity for jewelry designers to showcase their statement pieces that excellently resonated with the casual style of today’s ‘it’ girls!...

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