10 Killer Tips on How To Layer Your Jewelry

Out of several street styles, there is one thing that fashionistas of our age don’t seem to let go, and that is, layered jewelry pieces around your neck, wrists and even ears.

As a matter of fact, the biggest thing that I like about the ‘layered jewelry’ is: it’s one of the most effortless ways to make your (simple) outfit look fashion-forward! And oh, if you remember Jennifer Lawrence feminist campaign for Dior, you will know how you can pull it off!

Whether you feel inspired by those Uber chic ladies from your favorite magazine, or follow those Insta feeds of fashion runways, let’s embrace the trend which says, ‘the more combos you have; the better it is’! A popular trend where we see mixed metals, paired up statement pieces and varied lengths are worn together.    

If you are looking for different ways to layer and showcase your jewelry, read on to find out how you can actually do it:

1.Wear Chunky and Dainty Jewelry, Simultaneously:

Chunky and Dainty Jewelry

Credit: Glitter, Inc

If you own that dazzling necklace or bracelet, don’t spare it for special occasions. A good way to use those pieces is to pair them up with dainty jewelry items to make a stunning statement, every day or occasionally!

2.Mix It Up!


Credit: Undeniable Style

You can be as creative as you want with your jewelry. If you feel bored with those minimalist bracelets and lockets, this is the right time to use your aesthetics! Try layering three or four entirely different pieces together for that fashionable look!

3.Stop Being Obsessed about the Textures and Weights:


Credit: The M Jewelrs

Absolutely! When your goal is not to go for weird textures and varied weights, the trick is to choose your necklaces by their length. Wear the shortest first and then layer it as the length increases.

And hey, don’t forget those charms or lariats, they can change your look entirely!  

4.When in Doubt, Go for Wrap Bracelets:


Credit: Marquet

For those ladies who are not fond of wearing tons of necklaces, layers of wrap bracelets are the best way to flaunt their own style. These bracelets cover a good amount of space of your wrist, which looks equally cool without wearing a dozen bracelets.

5.You Can Definitely Layer Bracelets and Necklaces- Both at the Same Time:


Credit: BONJUK

The trick here is to layer your neck and wrists with the similar style. If you choose to wear bold necklaces and statement pieces, do the same with your wrist. Simple!

6.Stacking Your Fingers is a Good Idea!


Credit: archive-uy.com

Stackable rings are probably your favorite thing to layer! With those ten fingers, you got endless options to stack. The easiest way to layer your fingers is to start with dainty metallic bands. And then play with different statement rings on different parts of your finger. Remember, keep the rest of your look simple.

7.Don’t Hesitate to Wear Chunky Chains:


Credit: theparticulars.com

If you are wearing delicate chains, that masculine, chunky chain will definitely pop your look more; and trust me, you will love it!

8.Be Creative with those Gems and Materials:


Credits: Caymancode

When speaking of materials, the list is never ending: leather, metals, gems and so on. To stand out with your minimalist outfit, wear mixed and matched pieces from these materials for that personalized look.

9.Play with Different Chokers:


Credits: studentloanheo.com

The new trendy chokers are in fashion again.  And the good news is you can wear different shapes and sizes at the same time, and pair them up with a dainty charm to balance the layers.

10.Don’t Forget About Stacked Earrings!


Credits: ANNA

This season it’s time to rock shiny ear trinkets. Why is it wearable fashion?  Because, regardless of the size, these stunning accessories make your style statement a personalized one. From ear jackets and mini hoops to tiny star studs, you have a never-ending option to get your earrings stacked. Moreover, those ear cuffs are a great way to stack your ear without going for too many tiny pieces.   

On casual occasions, I go for layered jewelry. It really gives me an immense pleasure and confidence especially when I don’t feel like wearing a flashy dress!

Do you also like to wear layered jewelry? Let’s share below which layered jewelry style are you?  

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