10 Reasons Why Fashion Jewelry is Awesome!

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We always hear about gold and silver jewelry being the only thing to wear when it comes to making any style statement. Well, this is not true! Why? Because fine jewelry gives very limited options for your style. In such cases, fashion jewelry comes in to play. This type of jewelry has been around for thousands of years when people worked to make jewelry from non-precious metals like pebbles and seashells, making it easy for everyone to wear.

Today, if you look around, you will find many designers are now opting for this type of jewelry to express their deep down feelings and showcase their artistic sense in huge versatility.

 I have always remained fond of imitation jewelry whenever I find difficult what to wear to compliment my dress. With fine jewelry, I don’t find too many options nor that level of satisfaction, which I find in layers of statement fashion necklaces! It feels like I am satisfying my hunger for fashion jewelry, literally!

Today, I am going to answer all those legit questions that make you think why fashion jewelry is more popular.

*an interesting thing to note: world’s leading high-end clothing brands like Coco Chanel, Drecoll or Jean Patou are the pioneers of creating fashion jewelry along with clothing. And it became an irresistible item when Marshall Field officially declared, “The imitation is no longer a disgrace.”

So, if you are still curious to know why it is so good, read on to find your answers:

1) You Don’t Have to Break the Bank to Buy it:

It is a known fact that fashion jewelry is light on your pocket. The main reason is it is made up of non-precious metals which are affordable. You don’t have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to get trendy daily wear jewelry. Despite the fact that many fashion jewelry designs have gemstones like Cubic Zirconia, they are still affordable give you the same feel of wearing fine jewelry.

2) Fashion Jewelry is Easily Available:

Fashion Jewelry


    This does not mean that fine jewelry is not easily available, by availability, I mean that types and designs are much easily available in fashion jewelry that you cannot find in fine jewelry. For example, if you want to wear big, funky statement earrings, you will find it only in fashion jewelry.  

    3) Suitable for Everyday or Office Outfits:


    Credit: expertbeacon

      Although few ladies prefer to wear small gold or silver earrings with their office or daily wear, what they lack is variety. As you have a diverse collection of outfits, your jewelry preference and needs change accordingly. This is where fashion jewelry wins the style game!

      4) It is Perfect for Every Age:

      Perfect for every age


        Whether you are a teenage girl in high school or have just landed your first job. You can definitely pick the earrings or bracelets of your choice. Whether you need minimalist studs or eye-catching dangles, it covers you everywhere!

        5) It Goes Well With any Occasion:


          If you think that you must wear fine jewelry at weddings or those formal dinners, you are wrong! The biggest plus of costume or fashion jewelry is that it comes handy especially when you are tight on budget. There are diverse elegant earrings, bracelets or necklaces that will look better than n fine jewelry!

          6) An Excellent Alternative to Fine Jewelry:

          Alternative to Fine Jewelry


            As I have mentioned above, gold, silver or platinum are not the only metals that you can choose to wear. There are other alternatives like jewelry made up of Zinc Alloy, Stainless Steel or Copper which gives you good quality, lasting and beautiful designs.

            7) It Makes You Look Trendy and Lively:

            Bracelets on hand


              Your fashion statement is not only defined by those stylish handbags and trendy jeans. Your fashion jewelry makes it a good addition to your style that makes you look lively while defining your taste and style.

              8 ) You Can Hoard It; and Too Many of It Won’t Look Bad:

                Ladies, let’s accept it. There is one thing that we cannot say no to: be horde with our jewelry. This is what I like the most about fashion jewelry! I can hoard it the way I like (without a negative balance in my account) and it looks really cool. Especially, when I am out with my friends on weekends.

                9) Even, Less is More:

                Credit: www.happinessboutique

                  Another benefit of this jewelry is that you can keep it less with only one or two pieces. If you don’t feel like hoarding or layering it, wear just one statement necklace and you are good to go. This is what I do when I don’t feel like wearing too many jewelry pieces on parties or night outs.

                  Rule of thumb: let bold pieces stand out and don’t cover them with other pieces. If you still want to wear a statement piece, pair it with the minimalist jewelry pieces. For example, big earrings with a low-key necklace; or don’t wear statement rings with bracelets at the same time.   

                  10) You can pair them up with anything 


                  This is probably the biggest reason why fashion jewelry is famous amongst us! Thanks to its versatility and designs that save my time and energy while adorning myself with jewelry on any occasion.

                  If you are going to a night out and want to look funky with that pink shirt and blue jeans, grab a statement necklace or bracelet. Or if you are going to attend a party, those affordable, fun and fab jewelry pieces are always there to complement your black formal dress.

                  If you ask me, I would never go for insanely expensive fine jewelry that I want to wear for a New Year or Christmas night. Instead, I would prefer to get a few affordable items or will refer to my jewelry collection- and it never disappoints me!

                  Do you also like to wear fashion jewelry? Or is there any of your favorite ones that you wear often? Share with me in the comments below. Share your thoughts and opinions and if you feel like adding more to the list, just hit the comments section.

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