9 Surprising Facts about Surgical Stainless Steel Earrings You Don't Know

Women Wearing Stainless Steel Earrings

Every girl who is obsessed with looking fashionable knows how to nail it through earrings, the right way! You don’t have to wear expensive gold or platinum earrings to look Uber chic, as stainless steel earrings are going to be a new fashion obsession for many legit reasons.

If your earrings turn black after a few wearing, that is because of the copper content in silver metal to make it harder and usable. But what’s the point of buying a pair of earrings which is ultimately going to tarnish, leaving you conscious about taking care of your jewelry?

The answer to your worry is to invest in stainless steel earrings! why? Because they have the same flash and price tag as silver; and don't tarnish, unlike silver jewelry.

Can you tell which one of these is stainless steel hoops?

which one is stainless steel hoop earrings

Can’t differentiate, right? Well, that’s okay, this is the beauty of stainless steel; the left pair of earrings is stainless steel and the right one is sterling silver! It is silvery, shiny, strong and most importantly, feeds your style hunger- especially when you have sensitive skin!

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This durable and versatile mixture of iron, chromium, and carbon, gives you an infinite option to flaunt your fashion sense through earrings in as many ways as it is possible; whether oversized earrings or tiny trinkets, thanks to Chemistry! J

Like any other fashion-forward lady, I don’t like to buy expensive jewelry pieces for daily wear that I can easily get on almost half of the price. When I travel, I play it safe and stick to my favorite stainless steel earrings. They give me an edge of being fashionable and confidence of not losing precious metals like gold or platinum. This is why I love fashion jewelry, which gives me lots of variety with safety and budget.

Here are 10 facts about stainless steel that you might not know:

1. It is Highly Resistant to Scratch:

Stainless Steel Earrings are Highly Resistant to Scratch

Being alloy of iron, carbon, and chromium, this metal stays strong and scratch resistant. Nobody wants to buy a pair of earrings which cannot guarantee you its durability.

2. Stop Getting Worried about Corroded Earrings:

Earrings collection

Fortunately, stainless steel earrings due to their passivation- a phenomenon which makes the steel less reactive to the environment preventing oxidation, don’t corrode. The credit goes to the passive film of Chromium Oxide, which protects your earrings from discoloration, staining or rust formation.

So, with stainless steel, your earrings remain undamaged in tough conditions of daily usage and stay with you for longer!

3. These Earrings Outperform Other Metals:

A surprising fact that most of the fine jewelry owners don’t tell you about. Stainless steel earrings are hard, strong, and durable. One pair of earrings can last a decade or even more! Since this metal has the quality to resist the wear and tear, it is a perfect alternative to its counterparts that eventually tarnish. 

Silver jewelry responds to the environment with salt or chlorine. Whereas, stainless steel withstands such environment and does not get tarnished. This is the reason why this metal is getting widely popular. You can go swimming or do your house chores without taking those stainless steel rings off your fingers.

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4. What Makes 316L Stainless Steel So Good?

The grade 316L stainless steel, the ideal metal for jewelry, is very low in carbon and immune from sensitization; its austenitic feature of this metal makes it tough and strong metal. Due to molybdenum inclusion, it increases its resistance to chemical corrodents and humid or marine environment. No doubt, why this metal has become increasingly famous in the fashion industry!

5. These Earrings Echo Your Style:

Echo Your Style

Believe it or not, stainless steel earrings are versatile and give diverse variety- you can pick Huggies, Hoops, Studs, Drops or Dangles; best suited to your mood and style. These are a definite way to complement your look when you don’t have any other option to wear.

You can find a good variety of stainless steel jewelry here!

6. These are the Safe Option for Every Age:

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Given its corrosion resistance, hypoallergenic, and strength, this metal is good to wear for the women of every age and skin type.

7. Are They A Sign of Relief for Your Sensitive Ears?

Definitely, they are! Every 1 out of ten women experiences an allergic reaction to their cheap earrings. When researched, it was found out that the high amount of nickel in earrings is the main cause of the allergy, discoloration of the skin and even dermatitis in many cases.

316L stainless steel earrings have a very low amount of nickel, alloyed with other metals, which does not affect your ears.

8. The Maintenance Cost (and Effort) is Zero, Literally!

Given its tough contents, the stainless steel does not tarnish, which makes it long lasting. A small amount of nickel makes it shine. If it faints, over the time, it is very easy to clean your stainless steel earrings. 

9. It Does Not Break Your Bank:

stainless steel earrings do not break the bank!

Stainless steel earrings are inexpensive and come within any budget. Its refined look makes it look sleek and shiny. And honestly, why spend a lot on fashion earrings, when you can find affordable stainless steel earrings online.

 Let me know your thoughts on stainless steel earrings below.

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