11 Ways to Travel with Jewelry You Should Also Try!

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While packing all those dresses, shoes and makeup essentials for your next destination, another important thing is to pick the right jewelry items and pack them the right way.

This is a common concern because most girls end up with broken, damaged or lost jewelry pieces when they unpack after reaching the destination, without knowing what went wrong with their jewelry. Girls complain and seek my advice about how to pack their jewelry especially when they are traveling on the long routes?

Problems while Traveling with Jewelry?

Although it is great to carry your all-time favorite jewelry pieces with you especially when it is your lifetime travel experience; however, there are few turn offs that make most girls hesitant to travel with jewelry.

Before we explore the way to travel with jewelry the right way, let’s discuss those brainteasers that every girl has to face with the jewelry on the go:

  1. Losing your fav-pieces of jewelry.
  2. Jewelry gets tangled while packing and carrying your suitcase carelessly
  3. It is difficult to find your jewelry pieces lost in your folded clothes

Many of you must have also experienced this. So, today I am going to show you a few tested and effective ways about how to travel with jewelry, just the right way!

11 Ways to Travel with Jewelry

If you are also one of those ladies who are hesitant to travel with jewelry, you have come to the right place. Let’s discuss how you can master this skill!

1) Pack the ‘Right Kind’ of Jewelry:

First thing first! While you may feel tempted to wear a few expensive jewelry pieces, think again. As you are going to travel, the wise thing is to keep those diamonds at home. Even if you are going to a destination wedding, go for expensive-looking fashion jewelry.

And if your purpose of traveling is to lie under the palm trees on the beach and just relax, then why do you even need to carry a big amount of jewelry? If you still want to wear jewelry, think about studs, sleek chain necklaces or medium to small sized hoops.

2) Wear an Alternate Wedding or Engagement Band:

As I have mentioned above, you will be at the risk of being robbed or losing your fine wedding or engagement rings. Or if you plan some adventurous activities, you might lose your rings in outdoor activities such as camping, hiking or kayaking. Solution? Wear faux wedding band to avoid loss.

3) Don’t throw away those Mint Tins:

Mint Tins for jewelry

If you love to munch on mint balls like me, spare the tin to secure your studs, Huggies and hoops. These tins serve the purpose when you pack your small earrings. I recommend this because you can easily keep you earrings safe in your handbag as well as they are found easily in the pockets of your suitcase. 

4) Go for Drawstring Jewelry Cases:

Drawstring Jewelry Cases

Okay, I know this is not the new thing and all of us have seen this while purchasing the jewelry. Drawstrings are also called ‘pouches’ in simple words. These drawstrings are good to travel with because having them you got all your tiny pieces in one place.

5) Secure the Rings with O-Rings:

Secure the rings with o rings

I found O-rings an amazing solution for my favorite rings. What I love about this is I can keep as many rings as I want in with me while I am on the move, and it never disappoints me with its practicality. I suggest you try it once next time when you travel with jewelry.

6) When in Doubt Go for Travel Toiletry Containers:

containers for jewelry

Apart from O-rings, travel toiletry containers are also very practical and handy. Since they are made for the travelers, they are ideal for rings and small earrings because their chances of getting tangled during travel are near to zero.

7) Make a Good Use of Rubber Bands and Wash Clothes:

While the excitement for vacation is never-ending, but the moment you open your suitcase with those tangled and knotted mess of chains, the excitement fades away.

In order to avoid this mess, the easy and quick way is to spread the locket lengthwise on the cloth, roll it tightly, bend and secure with a rubber band on both ends. I assure you, you will be free from this mess, forever!

8) Your Travel Soap Dish is Not for Soap Only:

soap dish for organising jewelry

Personally, I often pack my jewelry in this soap dish whenever I travel with jewelry. I have spared two travel soap dishes for earrings and bracelets. It helps me find my jewelry quickly and there is absolutely no fear of broken or damaged pieces. Also, they easily fit in the suitcase or a bag.

9) Be Friends with the Toilet Paper Roll!

Toilet paper rolls for organising jewelry

Once you have used the toilet paper, don’t waste the roll. Instead, wrap your bracelets around it and tie your necklaces through the tube. This way you will keep your necklaces and bracelets secured and organized without wasting time detangling them!  

10) Spend a Few Bucks on Disposable Plates:

disposable plates for holding jewelry

Disposable plates are versatile in their usage and that is why I often make a good use of them in my daily life routine.  Apart from serving food, these plates are good for keeping the pairs of earrings in one place. This way you will never lose your earrings- this trick works well not only for your random earrings collections but also when you travel with jewelry.

11) Collect those Hoops through Safety Pins:

organise hoop earrings with safety pins

Safety pins are that daily life essential that everyone owns. When you wish to carry your dainty hoop earrings or necklaces with you during travel, simply slide them through the large safety pin and you will be surprised to see how many pieces it can accommodate without any hassle! You can try this too.  

Have you found these ideas useful? Which of these are you going to try for your next travel? Share with me in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

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