6 Jewelry Organizing Hacks Every Girl Must Know!

A woman’s love for glitz and glam is never ending! No matter how many pieces of jewelry she owns, the craving for having more is no more a secret. If luckily you have gotten a chance to have a look in her jewelry box you will find every kind of jewelry from antique pieces to the contemporary jewels. The real game begins when it comes to taking care of this asset!

You would never want these necklaces and rings to get tangled and broken while trying to wear them; most importantly not being able to wear those gems ever again! I can relate myself to this feeling, honestly.

Staying disorganized with jewelry in my teens- and resultantly losing few of them- has taught me a lesson; keep your necklaces, rings, and earrings separately! Ok, I know this is something easy to visualize but certainly not when you have a huge collection of jewelry pieces. Today, I am going to share few hacks to organize your jewelry that will definitely help out every girl out there.

Let’s move on to unlock these hacks and begin with number one...

Buy a Necklace Tree:

By the necklace tree, I mean the stand. Why I have put this on number one because it serves you with two purposes- decoration and storage. The necklace tree has immense space you can even dedicate a section according to the types of the necklaces you own. For example, precious stoned necklaces, daily wear necklaces etc.

Invest in a Cork Board:

Although it is easy to make a cork board, however, if a DIY is not your thing, I would suggest every girl should spend a few bucks on this cork board. This board comes with hooks where you can separately hang your jewelry with an easy and quick access to those pieces. A big plus: it won’t let your earrings and necklaces get tangled.

Look for a Ring Bowl:

A cute and decorative ring bowl makes a huge difference. Just as I talked about keeping your necklaces organized, a ring bowl ensures the safety of your precious ring collection. Say goodbye to hunting your rings around the bottom of your drawers!

Consider Buying a Good Jewelry Box:

Basic, simple and easy! For those ladies who are not obsessed with collecting the jewelry, I recommend buying a jewelry box. Even if you don’t have a pile of jewelry from every corner of the world, this jewelry box will help you keep your jewelry safe and secure in organized separate sections.

Revamp that Three Tiered Tea Tray:

If you need to have quick access to small rings, bracelets, tiny studs or barrettes, make a good use of that obsolete three tiered tea tray. Don’t give it away in the auction, instead make it a good storage for your jewelry. I used my mother’s tea tray to store my watches and bracelets; it really helps me a lot in finding my jewelry.

Earrings Organizer is a Must Have:

Earrings organizer is a super effective way to store your dangling earrings. You can hang this inside the cupboard or near your dressing table; I placed this near my dressing table. For me, it is convenient to pick one.

These simple jewelry hacks made my life easier. Jewelry should make you happy and not frustrated with those a huge bunch of tangled jewels. If you have experienced the trauma of organizing a disorganized jewelry box, follow one or few of the above-mentioned hacks- I assure you, your life will become much easier. Stay tuned with me for more tips, tricks, trends and a lot more on jewelry.

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