7 Reasons to Buy Implant Grade Stainless Steel Earrings

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Out of more than 100 grades of stainless steel earrings, implant grade stainless steel is one of the high-quality grades of stainless steel.

While buying a nice pair of earrings or going for ear piercing, I often hear people saying happily, “I have got surgical steel in my ears!”  Well, by that they mean the ‘stainless steel’, right!

Many people often use this term interchangeably. ‘Surgical stainless steel’ is an umbrella term, used for a grade of steel which is commonly used for biomedical procedures. The thing which makes us satisfied with our product is the word ‘surgical’ because it is used inside the human body.

Since there is no formal definition of this metal, there are many companies that label their corrosive resistant steel like stainless steel.

What is ‘Implant Grade Stainless Steel?’

Implant Grade Stainless Steel Earrings | Ruby Carol

It is a grade of ‘stainless steel’ which is used in biomedical implants such as to fix fractured bones. “Implant Grade” here means that steel which is ASTM F-136 ELI for titanium; and ASTM F138 316-LVM for steel is a grade of the stainless steel which meets the criteria set by ASTM. For implant grade jewelry, items must be ASTM F-138.

ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) is an organization which sets international standards for different materials used industries. It also issues certificates to the mills who meet their standards.

What are The Attributes Which Make Implant Grade Steel Exclusive?

This type of steel is VM i.e. ‘Vacuum Melted’. This is a process through which the ‘impurities’ in the metal are removed and highly improves the surface.

Whereas, the ‘ELI’ with titanium is ‘Extra Low Interstitial’ meaning the strong grade of metal used in long-term implantation like joint repairs. The letter ‘F’ means the metal used in implantations.

Why this Metal is Important for Your Skin?

The VM surface layer prevents nickel, the main cause of skin sensitivity, to enter into the body. Moreover, the process ELI gives it strength.

This metal is better in quality than surgical steel, which can be non-compliant to standards set by European Union about using nickel in jewelry or products that directly come into contact with the skin. 

So, why you should buy implant grade earrings? Let’s read on to find out:

Reasons to Buy Implant Grade Stainless Steel Earrings:

  1. It Has 316L of Stainless Steel:

The biggest reason why I recommend stainless steel jewelry is that the implant grade steel has 316L of stainless steel which is itself a very low version of carbon.  

  1. Implant Grade Stainless Steel is Durable:

The most important aspect about earrings that jewelry lovers will never give up is its durability. Given its Extra Low Interstitial or ELI procedure, this grade of stainless steel is made stronger.

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You can wear the implant grade steel as daily wear and can go in the water- swimming or bathing- it won’t break or corrode.

  1. Perfect Choice for Sensitive Ears:

As it is a higher grade of stainless steel, implanted grade steel is has a layer which does not let nickel make contact with your sensitive skin. Moreover, as this metal contains no impurities, it gives your earrings a clean surface that you can wear with the confidence all day long.

  1. It is Used for Body Piercing:

surgical grade stainless steel for piercing

With the rising popularity in piercing, whether body or ears alone, implanted grade stainless steel is recommended metal for this purpose.  Stainless steel has a certain amount of nickel and it cannot prevent nickel from contacting body, it can cause infection or dermatitis on pierced ears.

On the other hand, the F-138 implant grade steel with Titanium is acceptable for piercing, as it does not cause any such reactions on your skin. It also helps in the healing of piercing.    

  1. It is Higher in Quality and Grade than Surgical Steel:

Well, surgical steel is also considered as a go-to metal for earrings, however, they are usually non-compliant with ECC directives of using nickel in jewelry. Whereas, the implant grade is compliant and higher in quality than surgical steel.

Manufacturers that sell the implant grade stainless steel earrings are certified and approved by ASTM. Their earrings are tested so you don’t have to worry that you might fall for wearing ‘unhealthy earrings.’

  1. It Is Long Lasting and the Earrings Don’t Fade Away!

Exactly! Earrings are the widely popular jewelry item amongst fashion-forward ladies out there. And this accessory should not be the cause of your worry!

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Crafted in implant grade stainless steel, your earrings retain their true shine and beauty for long.

  1. Implant Grade Stainless Steel Earrings Offer Value for Money:

Although, 316L stainless steel earrings are inexpensive, however, the implant grade steel earrings are slightly expensive. But you don’t have to break the bank to buy these earrings. The reason for implant grade to be higher in price lies in the quality, procedure, and value it offers.

If you are also fond of implanted grade stainless steel earrings like me, what grade of stainless steel are you? Have you ever experienced allergy from your stainless steel earrings? If you have found this information useful, or want to add something, share with me in the comments below.

Don’t forget to share this information with your friends out there!

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