How to Choose Jewelry for Everyday Wearing?

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Jewelry has remained the ultimate love of every girl out there. Every girl, even with a minimalist approach towards fashion, knows and accepts this fact in her heart. And if you are crazy after costume jewelry like me, you can easily relate to the context here about ‘feeling the love for jewelry’ especially when you wear this asset every day.

Sometimes, I prefer to buy a new set of earrings or a couple of bracelets over buying a new outfit! I know this is called obsession… I enjoy being creative with these ‘beauty pieces’; stacking, layering or even making a single fashion statement out of them.  And above all, they serve, sometimes, as a fashion hack when I feel not very confident about my dress. (It happens to everyone) 

The biggest reason why I invest in jewelry is that I wear them daily, apart from a few signature pieces; it makes me feel updated and confident about my look.  Be it my workplace, a celebration, an engagement party or a casual night out; they translate my style in the best possible way.

It is fun and an art to wearing the right jewelry according to the occasions; however, it becomes tricky when it comes to wearing those pieces with your everyday wearing. If you also face the same problem, fret not about it. I am going to share a few tips on how to choose the right jewelry to make your everyday look a fabulous one.

Let’s start from number one…

      1. For Your Casual Wear, follow the K.I.S Rule

For casual wear

    There are few items that you wear every day, or say they become your signature jewelry pieces. When it comes to wearing jewelry on causal occasions remember the Rule of Keep.It.Simple. Whether it is your necklace or earrings, pick minimalistic pieces, not the gaudy ones, especially for the occasions like brunch, weekend parties, or outdoor activities.

           2. For Parties, Pick Sparkly Pieces


      If you have those statement earrings, spare them to wear on the parties and formal dinners. The chunky pieces add flair to your dress, especially if you choose to wear a moderate dress with minimum embellishments. Remember, don’t wear too many flashy pieces, it will make your look overdone- simply one or two pieces will perfectly do the job! For example, a thick statement necklace with a cocktail ring, or colored gemstones earrings would be suitable for formal occasions.

      A word to the wise: avoid looking overdone!

             3. For Weddings, Wear the Gems!


        Weddings, engagements, and galas are the right occasions to wear those diamonds and emeralds. The classic, timeless pieces that you wear rarely come into play and are essential to wear to make your look resonating with the nature of the event.

        For example, a diamond pendant goes with almost every formal outfit. Or a big crystal solitaire ring or earrings also add an elegant vibe to your dress. In case you are not into big, expensive diamond solitaires, stick to crystals ear jackets or cuffs.

              4. Look Exquisite for Office Attire

        look exquisite for office

          If you are going for official lunch or job interviews, NEVER wear flashy jewelry. It destroys that professional look and your image too. Wear subtle, tasteful jewelry pieces that complement your professional look.

          For example, don’t wear dangly earrings or noisy bracelets that divert others attention. Instead, a sleek chained bracelet and a pair of tiny studs are more appropriate.

          What kind of jewelry do you wear everyday wearing? If you want to add more to the list, share with me in the comments below.

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