How to Pick the Right Hoops Earrings for Any Occasion

Hoops earrings are a comeback this year, and there are many legit reasons why they should be the latest trend. They are versatile and are go-to earrings for any occasion. The biggest plus about these earrings is that they come in all of shapes and sizes, and cover you when you have nothing else to wear!

You might have different hoops in your jewelry box, and few of those you might not have worn because you feel they just don’t look ‘fit’ to your face. The reason is you didn’t choose the right hoops for you, and that’s ok! I have got you covered.

Today, I am going to share how you can buy the right hoops for you; the ones that would make you say, “They are made just for me.

Consider the Occasion and Your Style:

Hoops make wonderful statement earrings to any occasion. But for that, you need to find out the nature of the event and accordingly the hoops that you are going to buy. If it is a formal dinner, consider medium or large-sized earrings studded with gemstones, like Zirconia, or Rhinestones! If you are going on a casual beach party, a funky 12MM to 15MM hoops will be just perfect. For the workplace, nothing could be better than a pair of 1.5MM or smaller hoops. For weekend night outs, go for Large or extra-large hoops. And if you want for daily wear, pick small huggie-hoops.

Pick One According to Your Hairstyle:

Think about it: would your hoops get lost in your long or curly locks? Or, your hoops will overlook your bob cut? If you have long hair and you want to keep them untied, pick larger sized hoops that can be seen through your hair. For half tied or short haircut, medium-sized hoops are fine.

For a Modern Look on Semi-Casual Event:

Pick geometric and medium-sized hoops to look trendy and fashion forward. Look for geometric angles in hoops, if you want to pick earrings for a semi-casual event. These earrings will amp up your casual outfit. A big plus for picking these earrings is they will match most of your outfits.

Go for the Right Width:

The best thing that I love about hoops is that they are available in any width. Whether you want thick and dramatic hoops or the slender ones, you will find them just according to your style. However, I would recommend picking thin hoops for events like weddings or engagements. This will keep your look sleek and formal.

Consider the Shape of Your Jawline:

Picking the right hoops can be tricky, especially when you don’t know what type of hoops go well with your jawline. Don’t worry, if you didn’t know about it till today! If your face is long and your jawline aligned with your cheekbone, pick largely sized hoops. They will help your face look wide and prominent. For a broader, square-shaped jawline, go for medium to large hoops will look good. For long and thin face medium-sized hoops are the right pick. 

The biggest benefit of this guide is that regardless of the occasion, even if you are intending to give hoops as a gift or want to buy a trendy pair to keep your collection updated, this guide will help you choose the right ones. Share which type of earrings are your favorite? Share with me in the comments below.  

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