Letter Necklaces: A Come Back Street Style from 90s Ruled Fashion Week

Yes, you heard it right, Phoebe Philo is leaving Celine giving us a widely loved personalized necklace trend; letter necklaces. Ok, we also know that this fall is not the first time that we are seeing these charm necklaces, but Celine, French fashion house, coming up with oversized letter necklaces has truly marked the trend popular and worth following- at least Philo last jewelry designs that we can cherish!

These initials have adorned many of the A-lister Hollywood celebrities, fashionistas and it girls from the last many decades in different shapes, colors, and sizes. To quote comparatively recent 80s and 90s decade silver initials with black lace were the real fun thing to wear.

Although, today we don’t have the same number of ladies wearing such initials, but come on, why should you feel discouraged and not wearing one? It’s a fact that every trend makes a comeback after10 to 20 years and that’s what Celine has just proved!

So, if like me, you also want to have one, even if you want to pay a tribute to her, let me share a few of the trendy initials that you can buy or gift:

" A " Letter Bracelet

Photo By: Pinterest

Style File: What else you can imagine wearing with your gorgeous black dress? It looks perfectly stunning with the oversized letter.

Photo via: style.nine.com.au

Style File: Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley giving us style goals on how to wear statement initials with a minimalist look.

Photo via: encyclopedic.co.uk

Style file: If you are bored with those sleek chains, wear it with big chunky chain, and it will look perfect with your casual tops.

"B" Letter Necklace

Photo via: www.marieclaire.co.uk

Style File: Definitely for you, if you are going to be that woman in black! This piece has got highest votes in London Fashion Week.

"H" Letter Bracelet worn by Celine

Photo via: www.marieclaire.co.uk

Style File: Even better to wear with the red gown!

Photo via: encyclopedic.co.uk

Style File: Why not pair it up with sea shells?

"W" Letter Bracelet


Photo via: encyclopedic.co.uk

Style File: If you are a digital wizard, let everyone know your love for WWW! 

What do you think about these initials trends? Share with me in the comments below.

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