The Do's and Don’ts of Taking Care of Jewelry You Must Follow!

Taking care of your jewelry | The Do's and Don'ts

Let’s accept one fact, no matter what kind of jewelry piece we girls own, taking care of them is mandatory! No, it is not only your fine jewelry that needs maintenance, your stainless steel, pearl or costume jewelry needs special care too. If you ignore this basic rule of thumb, keeping a good collection is near to impossible; and that is for two main reasons, one, you won’t be able to keep unique pieces for longer, and second, you will end up cleaning your jewelry more often then you should.

If you always find few patchy pieces in your jewelry box, there is something that you are not doing right. Don’t worry it happens to everyone- even happened to me and that’s how I learned what I should do and should not do while taking care of my precious fashion jewelry collection.   

In my previous post I explained precisely about how to clean different types of jewelry; today I am going to share the important do’s and don’ts of jewelry care that you must follow.

Let’s read the Do’s first:

The Dos of Jewelry Care:

1) Store Your Jewelry Properly:

How to store your jewelry properly

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First and foremost thing for a jewelry to last longer is to store it properly. There are plenty of delicate bracelets and necklaces that get damaged by throwing them randomly in the drawer or keeping with other jewelry pieces. They get easily broken when untying the chains tangled with earrings or bracelets. The best thing you should do is to store every jewelry piece separately, in an organized way.

2) Remove Tarnish by Cleaning Regularly:

Remove tarnish by cleaning jewelry

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Over time, even the precious metals get tarnished and lose their shine, making them unattractive. Similarly, you costume or stainless jewelry also gets tarnished over time. Make sure you clean your jewelry regularly or get them polished when they lose their shine. This way you can use your jewelry time and again.

3) When in Doubt, Use Plastic Bags:

Plastic bag to store jewelry

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If you want your jewelry to last longer for years, make sure you do store them in plastic bags. Plastic protects metals from the humidity and weather changes, which are few of the causes of tarnished jewelry.

I did not know about it unless my grandmother told me this secret when I asked her how she kept her jewelry safe and shiny after so many years. Worth trying, isn’t it?

4) Do Keep Silica Gel Packs Inside Your Jewelry Box:

Use silica gel in jewelry bags

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If you have a large collection in a jewelry box, keep packs of silica gel in your jewelry box that are easily found inside a newly bought handbag, shoe box or many different products. The main purpose of this pack is to absorb the moisture and keep the product safe.  

Now Come those Don’ts that You Actually Do:

1) Don’t Let Following Chemicals Touch Your Jewelry:

Keep Jewelry away from chemicals

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Perfumes, hairspray, lotion, dishwashing soap or even water with chlorine. These chemicals damage the shine and in some cases weaken the stone settings. If you need to use these chemicals make sure you are not wearing your jewelry and wipe off the layer on your skin for extra care.

2) Don’t Use Cleaner Made for Fine Metals like Silver, Gold or Platinum:

Dont use cleaner made for fine jewelry

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When it comes to cleaning fashion jewelry, make sure you don’t clean it with available solutions for gold or silver. These chemicals are good for fine jewelry but harsh and damaging for the fashion jewelry. 

3) Don’t Bend Your Jewelry:

Don't bend your jewelry

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If you have pearl necklaces or jewelry wrapped with wire, don’t bend it just to fit in the jewelry box, this will weaken and break the wire or thread of your jewelry. This is very common don’t that many girls do ending up losing a precious jewelry set.

I learned these effective ways the hard way. If you have used any or few of these do’s and don’ts, share with me. If you have more do’s and don’ts, feel free to let me know in the comments

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