This is How You Should Wear Jewelry at Work


Accessorizing oneself with casual dresses on casual occasions is fun. But when it comes to wear jewelry with your office attire, it becomes boring and somewhat tricky to choose the right jewelry.

The corporate world is all about perfection and your good impression; your success depends upon your image and professionalism. Jewelry reflects not only you as a person but also echoes your personal brand image as well as your strength.

In order to remain successful, you have to keep revamping yourself- be it your wardrobe, hairstyle or accessories!

This does not mean that you have to abandon your own style quotient to look professional. But you must remain careful in your selection of accessories that you are going to wear at your workplace. Because the jewelry you wear in casual days, might not be suitable for your office attire.

This is the thing I have struggled with and learned about ‘work jewelry ethics’ and I should share with you too.

So, what role does jewelry play and why is it a making or breaking part of your professional look, let’s read it here:

Rule#1: Learn the Work Place Rules:

learn the workplace rules

Rule of a thumb for any workplace is you should be aware of their rules and policies. Few companies don’t include wearing jewelry in their SOPs, or they might have restricted policy allowing only a certain type of jewelry. In any case, it is not good for your image to get noticed for wearing something which is not allowed.

So, the first thing to do in your new workplace is to understand the rules and regulations.  

Rule#2: Be Yourself:

Be Yourself

I agree that there are few professional standards that you have to observe to stay professional. While remaining within those standards, you can definitely choose the jewelry items that translate your style well enough.

Having said that don’t follow every trend that you see in fashion magazines. Stick to your professionalism and choose minimalist jewelry which is tasteful and individual as well as reflecting your personality at the same time.  

Rule#3: Believe that ‘Less is Always More’

Less is More

When I think of accessorizing in the corporate world, the old maxim, “less is more” seems truer, both in terms of quantity and size. Imagine, would you feel comfortable wearing large hoops when your job is to take calls? Of course not. So, think about small studs or ‘huggie’ (tiny hoops that hug your ears). Similarly, large bracelets might hinder you working on your laptop or taking notes during the meeting.

Having said that if you are considering to stacked necklaces or bracelets, even if they are dainty, think again! However, you can choose to wear one stackable ring but it would be better if you remove the bracelet before leaving the house.

Exclude your wedding/engagement bands.

Rule#4: Signature Jewelry is a Good Idea

Signature Jewelry

Here signature jewelry means an item that a woman wears frequently; it can be a brooch, pendant, pin or even earrings. Experience tells that woman finds it hard to stay away from their signature pieces. Well, that’s okay but in your workplace, it’s better to find an alternate or similar (but minimalist) piece that will retain your professional image. It might take some time but definitely, you will find your signature piece.     

Rule#5: Say Good-Bye to Glitz and Glitter:

Avoid Glitz and Glitter

No, I am not talking about your diamond studs or rings as long as they are not big enough to catch everyone’s attention.

Spare those big, shiny jewels for a romantic dinner or a night out. Make sure the flashy items you wear like your engagement ring, is dainty and minimalist.

Remember, that the jewelry you wear at your workplace is only a reflection of your style and serves the purpose to highlight your professionalism and not to bring you in limelight.

In this case, you can choose to wear ear jackets or dainty studs.

Rule#6: One (or two) Item(s) Can Be More than Enough

One or two more items can be enough

Exactly! This is similar to the rule ‘less is more’, however, here the trick is different. While limiting yourself to only one item, make sure it counts. Make sure you wear one statement piece to make your attire look complete.

In a traditional environment, choose a small and classy pair of earrings or one statement ring. If you love necklaces, then stick to one bold necklace only, and leave the rest of the items.  

Rule#7: When in Doubt, Wear Pearls

When in Doubt, Wear Pearls

Nothing looks more sophisticated than a subtle set of pearls. Be it faux or real, they give you a safe way to look classy. For the days when you don’t know what to wear, a nice pair of pearl earrings or a subtle necklace is the right option.

Not only during your office hours, but on official events such as conferences, or dinners, pearls become your go-to accessory.   

Rule#8: Jewelry Noise is Not Good

  Jewelry noise is not good

This is self-explanatory and the rule is pretty simple: don’t wear those items that make noise or distract others’ attention. The clinking sound looks very unprofessional and unimpressive especially when you are talking to your customers or potential clients. Just imagine how indecent it looks when your arms make jingling noise every time you move! Solution: stick to the silent jewelry pieces.

Rule#9: Wear a Watch

wear a watch

I would recommend every working-woman to stick to wearing a watch. It looks classy, silent, and sophisticated. A decent watch makes you look responsible and punctual, and definitely, every professional woman likes to be taken as a responsible lady.

I always stick to this accessory and believe me it looks very decent.

Rule#10: Jewelry with Lot of Movement is a Big No-No!

jewelry with lot of movement is no no!

Not only noise or bling but also jewelry with lots of movement is not your ‘work-jewelry’ item. Imagine, you are going for a job interview or giving a presentation and as you move your head, the focus is on your swinging earrings and not what you are saying. Trash!

Develop a love for huggie or studs that stay and make you feel comfortable at your workplace.

So ladies, what do you think about wearing jewelry at work? What is your typical look for workday jewelry? How often do you rotate your jewelry? Share your ‘workday jewelry’ experience in the comments below.

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