Wondering How to Clean Your Jewelry? Read This...

Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Your Tarnished Jewelry

Have you ever thought why your favorite ring or bracelet gets discolored after few wearing? That is because of several interesting reasons such as the metallic abrasion against your makeup, corrosion of the metal due to sweating or the residue of soap, detergent, or cosmetic cream under your ring; making it difficult to clean your jewelry.

When facing such a situation, you must be wondering how to keep your precious collection new and ‘untouched’ without spending money; and keep those gems with you for a long time?

This is a very common problem that every girl faces! Well, there is no need to worry at all; the good news is, you can, for sure, keep your jewelry safe and shiny without spending money at all. There is no need to go to a jeweler and waste your time, instead go to your kitchen and you will see you already have everything you need to clean your jewelry.

So, let’s read on to find out how you can do it yourself at home! 

1) How To Clean Your Pearl Jewelry:

How to clean your Pearl Jewelry

    Things You Need:

    • Bowl
    • Warm Water
    • Shampoo
    • Soft Cloth
    • Makeup Brush
    • Paper Towel

    You need to be careful while cleaning this feminine, lustrous vulnerable gem. Be it simulated or cultured pearls, they need extra care!

    Step 1: Mix warm water with few drops of shampoo.

    Step 2: Damp the soft cloth with this mixture.

    Step 3: Lay the jewelry piece on the soft cloth or paper towel. To clean your jewelry, Dip the piece of soft cloth or makeup brush into the solution and rub gently each pearl till the stains disappear.

    Step 4: Rinse the pearls with a damp cloth, and let it dry flat on the cloth.

    Remember: Don’t submerge the entire piece into the mixture of warm water and shampoo, as it will make the thread weaker and necklace more prone to the breakage. 

    2) Restore The Shine On Your Stainless Steel Jewelry: 

    Stainless Steel Jewelry Image

    Things You Need:

    • Bowl
    • Warm Water
    • Liquid Soap/Tooth Paste/Baking Soda  
    • Soft Cloth
    • Soft Tooth Brush
    • Polishing Cloth 

    Your durable fashion jewelry pieces are mostly made up of stainless steel. Although it does not tarnish, however, it becomes dull and scratchy over time and loses its luster and shine. In order to clean your jewelry, all you need to do is to restore its shine with the help of this method:

    Step 1: Mix a mild liquid soap with warm water in a bowl- you can also use toothpaste or make a paste of baking soda and water if liquid soap is not available.

    Step 2: Soak your dull stainless steel jewelry into the solution for some time.

    Step 3: Take the jewelry out and rub it with a soft cloth along its grain, ensuring there is no stain on it.

    Step 4: Let it dry

    Step 5: Buff the jewelry with the easily available and quite affordable polishing cloth. A big plus: it keeps the stainless steel jewelry shiny and lustrous. To clean your jewelry completely, Make sure you polish in the direction of the grain of the metal to prevent it from scratches.

    In case, your jewelry has grooves, study surface, or engravings, clean the stains and dirt with a toothbrush. After cleaning, rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth.

    Note: If your jewelry is full of scratches, it’s better to take it to the jeweler for a professional polishing.

    3) How To Clean Your Costume Jewelry:

    Costume Jewelry Image

      Things You Need:

      • Bowl
      • Warm Water
      • Baby Shampoo
      • Soft Cloth
      • Soft Tooth Brush
      • Hair Dryer

      All those gold or silver plated jewelry pieces with faux diamonds, pearls and gemstones are considered as costume jewelry. Most commonly, costume jewelry changes its color due to moisture like sweating or water or if comes in contact with harsh chemicals like perfumes or hairspray. These chemicals damage the coating and make the jewelry change its color.

      Since this type of jewelry needs more careful handling and cleaning, especially if it has gemstones or rhinestones because liquid or rough handling can chip off the foils.

      If you want to clean your jewelry, make sure you do it the right way to get the desired results:

        Step 1: Mix a small amount of water with one drop of baby shampoo.

        Step 2: To clean the surface rub with a soft toothbrush.

        Step 3: To clean your jewelry, rinse with cool water quickly and dry with soft cloth.

        Step 4: In order to make sure it is completely dry and does not rust, use a hairdryer with a warm thermostat to prevent the stone setting from melting.  

        Remember: Don’t use harsh chemicals like vinegar or baking soda.    

        Note: Before cleaning, examine your costume jewelry; mostly, you will find that the coating is worn-off or has become patchy. The only thing that you can do about it is to take it to the jeweler for another coating- but this will cost you money.

        Your jewelry is your asset, and hence, you must take care of it. In order to make your jewelry last longer, make sure you remove your jewelry when going swimming, washing hands, or doing the house chores. The sweat and moisture is the most common cause of tarnishing jewelry. Moreover, make sure you wipe off perfume or lotion when wearing pearls.

        What method do you follow to clean your jewelry? Share with me in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family.


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