Our Story


Ruby Carol - Our Story

Two friends talking over the phone during a hot summer night of August 18th, 2017, discussing how expensive bracelets and watches are. Difficult for regular folks just like us to afford!

During their conversation they decided to explore the watch and the bracelet industry.  They set out to find out how each of these items were made, what their costs were and how much were these items being sold for.

They figured that on average you pay a price that is 10 to 30 times higher than the cost to produce it. The price of each item increased as it traded hands.

From manufacturers to distributers

From distributers to wholesalers

From wholesalers to retailers

And by the time you get it, you’re paying 3500% more than the cost it took to produce.

For years, people were forced to spend a huge amount of money for a watch or a bracelet they love.

At Ruby Carol, we cut through distributers, wholesalers and retailers and put you in-touch with the manufacturers directly.

You save hundreds of Dollars and you get luxury timepieces and bracelets for less than $100 – at a price that you can afford.

Our Core Values

  • Grow the tribe
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Trust your gut
  • Always create value
  • Have big goals
  • Obstacles are opportunities
  • Keep it simple
  • Get started
  • Have fun
  • Go beyond