Chic Lock Bracelet
Chic Lock Bracelet
Chic Lock Bracelet
Chic Lock Bracelet
Chic Lock Bracelet
Chic Lock Bracelet

Chic Lock Bracelet

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Need to up your wrist game?

Stand out, get noticed and make a strong fashion statement with this Chic Lock Bracelet.

The shiny, beaded surface accented by tiny interlocking rhinestones enhances the charm of this golden bracelet.

It has been designed keeping your comfort and style in mind.

Made from top-quality stainless steel ensuring quality and durability. You can wear it frequently without getting any skin irritations.

This bracelet comes in 3 colors (Gold, Rose Gold and Silver).

If you are looking for a bracelet that looks trendy and goes well with your casual or semi-formal look – we recommend you get this.

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  • Diameter: 58MM / 2.16 Inches
  • Metal: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Gold, Rose Gold and Silver
  • Look: Semi Formal; Casual
  • Style: Classic
  • Fastening: Box Fastening


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